Why use Polydioxanone (PDO) threads for a minimally invasive lifting treatment?

The thread lifting procedure has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, particularly in western countries such as the UK. Perhaps this is because both practitioners and patients are seeking out alternative methods to rejuvenate their faces.

Due to the long recovery time and high cost of a surgical facelift, threads are being promoted as a replacement for it. The barbed suture thread was created by Russian surgeon Marlen Sulamanidze to lift ptotic facial cells in the late 1990s. Diversification Cosmetic Injector Parramatta of the original antiptosis staple (APTOS) involves placing cogged threads along an established path. After lifting the skin, the threads are trimmed and secure at the entry point.

Some doctors and cosmetic surgeons once treated thread lifting with suspicion. It is important to remember that even though early data indicated conflicting outcomes and early signs of deterioration with thread lifting, new devices were developed and the indications were so clear that the likelihood of complications has decreased. A professional’s performance is the key to thread lifting success for skin renewal. Thread lifting can be associated with rare and minor complications when done intellectually.

Due to decreased production and disintegration collagen and elastin, which make the skin firm, aging causes tissues to become thinner. The appearance of wrinkles, folds, and creases in the skin is caused by a loss in bone density, fat cells, and muscle mass. Thread lifting can reverse the signs of aging, by loosening the skin and avoiding any surgical complications.

The thread facelift is less invasive than traditional facelifts. It’s designed for people who are experiencing signs of early aging such as slight facial sagging, depleted skin laxity, and minor facial lines. This unique facelift is quick and easy for both the patient and practitioner. It can often be done without any anesthesia.

These threads, which are barb-covered, are inserted just above the hairline and tighten and lift sagging, tired skin. These threads can be used for a less invasive, quicker and more risk-free approach to facelifts than traditional techniques.

These threads, which are non-absorbable, are guided along previously drawn contour lines, increasing precision. However, they often yield visible results almost immediately with minimal discomfort and risk than more intensive procedures. The cost of thread lifting is also quite affordable in comparison to traditional alternatives.

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