Hire a manufacturer to create a product to be sold exclusively

Your monthly cost will depend on your selected options and how your business is run. When choosing your payment gateway and plan, I recommend that you do some back-of-the-envelope calculations to determine what is best for you. It’s essential to do some math before choosing an online store website. I have avoided websites with unreasonable fees, transaction costs, and unrealistic volume requirements.

You can sign up for the 14-day free trial without using a credit card. Within minutes you will have your first store built. The onboarding wizard guides you in e-commerce solution adding products, customizing your store’s look, linking your domain, and setting up payments.

Shopify is intuitive enough to be used by anyone, even if they’ve never created a site. The web app is intuitive, everything has a clear label, the buttons work as expected, and the setup and help documentation is thorough. Clicking Products and the Add Product buttons in the sidebar makes it easy to add a new product. Please enter the product’s name, price, how many you have in stock, and any relevant information. Then, set it to Active, and your store is ready for sale.

Shopify is a great option right from the start, but its app store and extensibility make it so powerful. Shopify offers 11 free themes and over 100 premium articles that start at $180. Shopify’s popularity means you can find over 1,300 themes on ThemeForest or hire a designer with experience in the Shopify platform to create a customized piece.

A square is an excellent option for small businesses that want to be able to accept payments in person, such as at a craft fair or farmer’s markets, and also online. Square allows you to manage online and offline sales from a single dashboard. This means there is no need to switch between different apps or use spreadsheets to find customer information.

Square purchased the Weebly website-building app in 2018. When you create your online store, this is what will be running. It’s not a problem if you see an occasional URL that goes directly to weebly.com. Note: In my tests, I’ve noticed that fewer Weebly links are appearing.

Square offers some of the most effective onboarding available. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your company’s needs. Square then guides you through configuring all aspects to suit those needs. Square allows you to sell products in any way that suits your needs quickly. Enclosure lets you create a simple shopping page or an Instagram shoppable page. You can also set up your website with the online store.

Square’s customization options are a bit more limited compared to other providers. You can’t just pick a template that will do most of the design work. Instead, creating your own using Square’s (admittedly fantastic) website builder would be best. Or you can pay a designer as little as $199 to help you.

Square’s term for products and services is “items.” You can add these items to the Square Online Dashboard or the Square Dashboard. They will then be synchronized into a single Item Library. You can list the same items online or offline and sell them both. Select Virtual Terminal from the menu if you want to sell in person. It will act like a virtual cash register. Square’s free credit card reader lets you swipe customers’ cards and upload their information into your account.

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