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The best gifts do not always have to cost the most. It is often more difficult to find free gifts (or even close to free) that aren’t expensive your every day gift. It will be appreciated by the recipient that you give your time, energy and yourself. It can help you save money or make your budget work better. Here are great gift ideas that you can get for holidays, birthdays or anniversaries. Even if it’s not your forte, you can make something special and meaningful for very little money.

Volunteer your time for a charity/organization that is special to you. Spend a day on the beach cleaning up trash, donating blood or volunteering at a soup kitchen serving others. It’s an absolutely free gift that will make you and your loved one feel great. Make a personalized playlist and share it with them. You can add songs that are special to you, share inside jokes, or even new music that you think they will love. If your parents are more traditional, you can still burn CDs, place them on cassettes, or share the music with them via Spotify and other streaming services.

You can shop right from your own home. Your friend or family member is likely to love something you have in your home, whether it’s the vase they’ve always loved or a book you know your sister would love. Please share. Have you ever thought of that? It’s important that they do. On small slips of white paper, write all of your favourite memories with the recipient. Place them in a pretty container with a label such as “Jar of Awesome.” Some blank slips can be included to allow them to continue the tradition and add new memories as they make them.

We have all learned how important it can be to spend time together with the people we love. You can make your gift a commitment that you will spend time with them, no matter how small or large. Gift a personalized gift card to your loved ones that gives you the right to plan a day of fun. There are plenty of activities that can be done together, whether you’re taking your nephew to visit the best local playgrounds and/or treating a parent to an art museum (on a free day).

Is everyone curious to find out the secret behind your chocolate chip cookies. Maybe Grandma has a wonderful pasta sauce recipe that you think your friend would enjoy. Make a list of your top dishes and compile them in a booklet. You can make a time capsule. Once it is ready, stamp the time. This makes a nice and free gift. It’s a wonderful (and free!) gift for those under 18. You can capture all of your teen’s passions and interests so that they will be able look back in a decade at their Kpop obsession.

You can either make a duplicate of the pic you took with your BFF, in full ’90s grunge style, or one of your family vacation photos. It will most likely be honored in the recipient’s home. It is possible to find an additional frame at home. Can you all remember the name of your little brother? Or which college roommate used the peach/mint color scheme. Have a great game night with your friends to share the Qs. If you are feeling creative, create a full-on, board-based game or a digital Jeopardy-style one.

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