Did you just get one of Nintendo’s three Switch consoles?

Like most devices, the screen will drain the Switch’s battery the most. While docking your Switch is possible, it’s not recommended. In handheld mode, however the screen will only stay on for 10 mins before going to sleep. Lowering this setting will reduce wasted charge. Go to System Settings > Sleep Mode> to set your Switch to go to sleep after just one minute of inactivity.

The Switch allows you to unlock your phone by simply pressing any button 3 times. You’ve probably tried it. This software Easter egg will be useful to you if you have. While most buttons sound the exact same, the ZL trigger, ZR trigger, and left control port pc games to switch sticks make fun, unusual sounds similar to a clown horn. You might also want to check out the clicky sound the Switch makes when the button is tapped in a random place. This noise is pressure sensitive. It varies in pitch depending on how hard or gentle you touch.

Wondering how many hours were spent with Zelda over the years? It’s easy. Click on the Mii picture at the top left of the Switch home screen. To see an estimate of how many hours you have spent collecting Korok seed, click Profile. You can see the latest games of your friends if you’ve been added (you’ll need their friend code).

To play Japanese games, you no longer need a Japan-specific console. Settings > System> > Region allows you to easily switch between your region and another. Although most games are generally available worldwide, certain titles may be only available in one region. This list could be useful if you need help finding a game. Switching from the US to Europe has another benefit: some games’ box art can change, such as Breath of Wild. You can also create a new user in each region.

Three USB ports are available on the Switch dock. Plug in any USB keyboard, and it will work. You can also use the menus to input passwords. You can’t play games with this keyboard. Also, USB Bluetooth headsets work. It was surprising to see that some of our old PS4 headsets were able to plug right into the Switch.

You can import your saved data, profiles, screenshots and recordings from the old Switch OLED to your new Switch OLED if you have upgraded or just want to transfer. You can find a complete guide here to help you through the process.

If you have upgraded to the Switch OLED or just want to transfer to a different unit, you can take your old profiles, save data, and screenshots and recordings from the old console to your new device. You can find a complete guide here to help you through the process.

Although the Switch is fairly stable, it can occasionally freeze. Holding Power for a few seconds until the restart menu opens, will usually turn off the Switch. If it doesn’t, hold down the power button and wait for the restart menu to open. Wait at least 30 seconds until it turns off, then turn it on again.

If you have problems with your device, you may try to boot it into Maintenance Mode. Hold the power button when it is turned on, and then press the volume buttons beside it. This will enable you to reset your device factory-selectively or clean it up while saving your data.

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