A moving checklist may seem tedious

Once you have hired movers, or rented a truck to move your belongings, decide what next. Use our moving checklist to guide you or you can create your own. You can add new tasks to the list as you go. Moving is stressful enough without being overwhelmed by it.

It depends on your specific circumstances. Generally, you will need transfer or cancel utility services in your old house and set up utilities for your new one. Moving your medical records is a good idea if you are looking for new healthcare providers. Are you moving commercial moving and storage with pets? Collect your pet’s vet records. You should notify your school about your move to a new district. Then, find a school near you.

Perishable foods will not be transported by the movers. Set a goal to consume as much of your food as possible before the move. You can make it fun by creating new recipes. You can also do good by donating any unopened/unused food to a local food bank. Moving with a Move for Hunger partner means that your movers will pick up any food items you don’t want and transport them to the local food banks. This non-profit works with hundreds upon hundreds of moving companies so it should be easy to find a mover that meets your needs.

It is amazing how much simpler it will be to move if your belongings are organized and you can toss, recycle, or donate the things you don’t use. This can be a difficult task but these tips can help. It is a good idea to schedule a pickup before you plan on donating large items such furniture and rugs. This will ensure that you get them picked up by the right organization. You don’t need to worry about transporting everything.

It can be very time-consuming to clean attics, basements, garages and other spaces. It’s best to let a professional junk removal service do it. Only keep the items you use, and everything else can be donated. They’ll take out the trash, clean up and donate to charities. They’ll take away the heavy stuff, so you won’t need to haul it around. You can also focus on other tasks.

Moving can be one of the most difficult parts of the entire process. The best tips for packing are designed to save you time and ensure that your belongings remain safe. Here are the top packing tricks for moving that you should know to ensure a smoother transition. Get your packing supplies ready. Your essential packing supplies include boxes, packing tapes, scissors, packing papers, packing paper and bubble wrap. You also need markers, old towels and blankets.

Place a flat surface on which to pack your stuff. This could be the folding table, guest bedroom, or, if it’s possible, a dining table. You won’t have to waste time searching for supplies, and you can use the station tape and label boxes. To cushion fragile and difficult-to-wrapped items such as lamps or vases, wrap breakables like perfume bottles and glasses in socks. You can use dish towels to wrap sharp knives in your kitchen. Attach them using a rubber band. You will be surprised at how many household items you have available that can be used for packing.

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